SURPRISED BY JOY: A History of the Community of the Servants of the Cross

Sister Jane CSC

‘An admirable and encouraging story’
(The Rt Revd Eric W Kemp, former Bishop of Chichester and Episcopal Visitor to the Community)
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About this book: 

This lovely little book, written at eighty-two by Sister Jane, when she was laid-up with an illness, is a record 'for all those who care for our Community, and for those who care about dedicated lives in every walk of life'. Bishop Eric R Kemp, the former Lord Bishop of Chichester, is quoted on the back cover as calling the book 'an admirable and encouraging story'.

Packed with wry little comments, pleasant happenings and moments of laughter, these intersperse with the Sisters' unshakeable commitment to serve God, however He seems to require it, a charming read. 48 pages Softcover, illus. in b/w. with 16 pages of colour