About SMH

Sandra, mother hen, with her books!

Sandra Saer founded the Company in 1987 at Pear Tree Cottage, Watersfield, West Sussex, with publication of her own book: COLDWALTHAM: A Story of Three Hamlets.
(Sandra is looking to buy back copies of her Coldwaltham book - rather like J R Hartley/'Fly Fishing' in the Yellow Pages ad! Does anyone have one to sell?) 

A highlight was being awarded a prestigious Marketing Award by the David St John Thomas Trust

She was trained as a journalist, and worked as editor, and book publicist and marketer, on her own behalf and for
the BBC.

Sandra, celebrating round her kitchen table with other award-winners

As a broadcaster of her own talks, when in Paris she transmitted, courtesy of Radiodiffusion Française, regular 'Paris Letters' to six
radio stations around the world.

Setting up and running SMH BOOKS was the culmination of all her professional experience.

SMH now operates from an Arundel-based address (see our Home Page for other contact details) SMH’s list contains Sussex memoirs and other local and regional books, Christian-orientated titles, and anthologies of prose and poetry.



AN EXALTATION OF SKYLARKS (2,300 years of Skylark prose and poetry compiled by Stewart Beer, with a Preface by Richard Mabey), is a TRIPLE-AWARD-WINNER!

Sandra's children's book, THE GIANT AND THE MOUSE, written for her own four, when aged 4-8, has been read to primary-school children in many parts of the country. It received a PRESTIGIOUS AWARD FOR SELF-MARKETING from the David St John Thomas Charitable Trust.