For more than two decades, I worked and re-worked a series of eight plays, based on, and inspired by the Eight Beatitudes, momentous teachings by Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount. While the Ten Commandments tell us what do to, the Beatitudes are somewhat more laid back: do this, and you will be OK – you'll be lucky.

This Spring, I received excellent media coverage for this project, and encouraging support from the Chancellor of Chichester Cathedral, who is exploring the possibility of putting on one or two plays in the vicinity of the Cathedral, perhaps in Vicars' Hall.

This would now be in 2024 on 3 October, Bishop George Bell's anniversary, giving more time for rehearsals..

If you are interested in taking part, please contact me as soon as possible, by email: or on tel. 01903 884968, or mobile: 044747 603492. S.S.