For more than two decades, I worked and re-worked a series of eight plays, based on, and inspired by the Eight Beatitudes, momentous teachings by Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount. While the Ten Commandments tell us what do to, the Beatitudes are somewhat more laid back: do this, and you will be OK – you'll be lucky.

The Precentor of Chichester Cathedral, The Rev'd Canon Dr Daniel Inman, is giving a Retreat in George Bell House, in Canon Lane, 14-16 May, on - THE EIGHT BEATITUDES! He and I have been in touch for sometime, trying to work out how to find a group to put on one or more of my Beatitude Plays, THE LUCKY ONES, in Chichester or elsewhere.

He has now offered to print-off copies of my synopsis of the Plays, and have them at the Retreat, thus, as he puts it, "advertising" them. That's the sort of unpushed-for promotion I relish.

Yesterday, 14 April, I fell into conversation with a group in the garden of the Norfolk Centre, in Arundel, next to the Castle entrance, on the last day of the Craft Fair. I had been selling my SMH books all week in the garden, but not on Sunday... Somehow, we got on to the subject of my Plays, and the Precentor's Retreat. "You're talking to the right person!" said one of the group. "I've just produced a play at East Ashling, and I'm looking for another"! She is going to email me, so that I can send her the Synopsis, and she can choose a play, or plays, to put on. Amazing! A real interest, quite by chance, just like that!

This would now be in 2024 on 3 October, Bishop George Bell's anniversary, giving more time for rehearsals..

If you are interested in taking part, please contact me as soon as possible, by email: or on tel. 01903 884968, or mobile: 044747 603492. S.S.