I couldn't resist re-publishing Roy MacGregor Hastie's SIGNOR ROY. It took four years to get together the finances and carefully re-edit the book, for a paperback edition, £8.00, plus non-obligatory £2.00 for UK p&p.

All kinds of local, national and international connections supported my desire to publish my brother’s book, with the hardback long being out of print. It was launched at Arundel Co-op, after its refurbishment, in February 2014.

The Co-operative News (distributed globally, in print and on their website) used a major feature on SIGNOR ROY in their issue devoted to 2012’s Year of the Co-operative Then, in their 23 August issue 217, they published another illustrated feature on the book. An Italian edition was published by Alasdhair MacGregor Hastie, Roy's son, and my Godson and nephew.

SIGNOR ROY is a fascinating story. As a respected journalist and commentator on international affairs, Roy writes on significant political and social history of the time (not just in Italy), some of which has remarkable implications today! Roy's determined efforts to bring prosperity to 'his' peasants (which he did!) is lightened in the text by very amusing interludes.